About Kazakhstan


Due to its location in the center of the land trade “bridge” between Europe and Asia, and good neighborhood policy and reducing barriers to trade, Kazakhstan has access to the largest sales markets - the EEU, Russia, China, Central Asia - is the central part of the continent, the “key hub” of international trade routes.

More than 500 million people live in a radius of 2,000 km. Kazakhstan's participation in the EAEU opens a common market with a capacity of more than 180 million consumers, access to the market of the countries of Central Asia is 40 million people. To the market of countries bordering the Caspian Sea - 235 million potential consumers and to the market of Western China.

In all foreign trade areas, constant work is being carried out to reduce customs and certification barriers to the development of trade.

Kazakhstan’s membership in the World trade Organization. opens up new opportunities, both for our exporters and for foreign investors who will come to key sectors of our economy. It testifies to the recognition of our country as an equal trade and economic partner.

Air, rail and road from Europe to Asia pass through the territory of Kazakhstan. In particular, to Western China and from there to the countries of Southeast Asia.

More than 70% of investments in Central Asia fall to Kazakhstan, which indicates a serious attractiveness of our country for foreign investors.

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