About us

About us

KAZAKH INVEST – National Company

Kazakh Invest was established by the Government of Kazakhstan to attract high-quality inward investment to the country. We provide a full range of services to support investment projects - from the conception of initial idea right through to project implementation, as well as providing retained support for established businesses.

Kazakh Invest is a “one stop shop” for current and potential investors, acting as a single point of contact to support businesses on their investment journey.

Kazakh Invest has a wide network of international representatives in many of the world’s major industrial centres, combining local Kazakh expertise with global investment experience.

Kazakh Invest’s role

  • We are a single point of contact for international investors considering investing in Kazakhstan. We represent the interests of international businesses by seamlessly connecting them with government bodies, regulators and local government organisations so that they can easily identify high-quality opportunities for investment.
  • We are a single point of access to the public service system. This includes helping investors understand what government support is available and how to apply and secure the permits and documents necessary to invest in Kazakh businesses.

As the primary point of contact for inward investment, Kazakh Invest significantly reduces the need for foreign investors to interact with multiple governmental and regulatory bodies.

This streamlined process means that the average length of time it takes to set up a business in Kazakhstan is only nine days – well below the regional average.

At Kazakh Invest, we combine decades of local business knowledge with the ambition and tenacity international investors require in a competitive globalised market.

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