Investor interrogation

Investor interrogation
This questionnaire is prepared by “KAZAKH INVEST” National Company” JSC (hereinafter –“KAZAKH INVEST” for a study to assess the business environment of Kazakhstan.

The response to the questionnaire will be very helpful for –“KAZAKH INVEST” in proposing policies to improve the condition of doing business and enhancing the overall competitiveness and investment attractiveness of the country.

How do you rate the different components of business environment in Kazakhstan for your industry mentioned in the table below?

Questions Very Poor (Needs urgent attention) Poor (Doesn’t require urgent attention but needs attention in near future) Satisfactory (No need to concern at present but will need attention in future) Good (Doesn’t require any attention in future) Excellent(No need to concern at all)
1 Presence of Quality Infrastructure (Roads, Railways, Airports and ports)
2 Taxation Policy ( Corporate tax, Excise, VAT & other indirect taxes)
3 Innovation ( Ease of getting Patents & Trademarks, research institutions and scientists)
4 Environmental Regulations
5 Regulatory Framework (Company Laws and Other Binding laws for operating a business )
6 Ease of Land Acquisition
7 Quality of Bureaucracy
8 Presence of raw-material suppliers and other related industrial clusters
9 Availability of logistics partners and other service providers required to run the business smoothly
10 Security and effectiveness of legal system
11 Government support in exports and marketing outside the country
12 Ease of closing down the business
13 To what extent do you rate Kazakhstan as an attractive country for investment?
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